300 Road

Patterned after Canadian Midwest District Quizzing, Central Canadian District Quizzing is offering our own 300 Road program for Matthew 2020-2021.   The list of verse requirements present attainable goals for CCD Quizzers who may not memorize the full amount of verses during the year and so wish to focus on some of the more spiritually significant verses.  An explanation of the program is given below.

                                                   300 Road

Quizzers are expected to read through the chapters for each tournament to grasp the story and meaning

Quizzers are given a list of 300 key verses to be completed by Muskoka Woods

Quizzers will be tested from that list by a coach/official at Muskoka Woods

Quizzers will be expected to recite 30 random verses from the 300 Road

Verses will be randomized by Excel and quizzer will pull from sheets of lists.

Ten verses must be quoted; the remaining 20 verses will be Finish-the-Verse

Quizzers are allowed six “assists” from the listener

An “assist” is a keyword or key phrase

No time limit is given for quizzer to repeat a verse word perfectly

Quizzers may take the Road challenge up to 4 times to pass the test

Each time, the quizzer draws a new slip/sheet of randomized verses

At Muskoka Woods, successful 300 Road Quizzers will be recognized through Picture on screen and presentation of certificate

Coaches for 300 Road Quizzers will encourage, support, and track during the year