Suggestions for Memorizing

  • Read the passage of Scripture.  Read a complete chapter.  This is a good way to start so that you understand the whole picture.
  • Read it out loud.  Read it again out loud.
  • Create a mental picture of what is happening in the text.
  • Listen to it online at Bible Gateway, especially if you are an “auditory” learner.
  • Find a place without distractions.
  • Spend half an hour reading a short phrase, saying it back without the book and checking to see if you said it correctly.  Then move on to the next phrase and so on.  When you have your day’s verses completed, give your quizbook to a listener and quote out loud to them.  Establish with the listener how you want to be corrected/prompted.
  • Record yourself quoting; play it back while following your quizbook to check your accuracy.  The more you go over your verses, the longer they will stick with you.  Cramming last-minute at best only produces short-term memory.  For long-term benefit, know the passage well.  The goal is “Transformation, not Information”. **
  • Colour code the verses so that you can see them on the page when reciting (for those of you with photographic memories or for those of you who are “visual” learners).
  • Answer some questions from the section you just memorized (Study Pro or Acme Quizmaster).
  • This option is for experienced quizzers.  Make up your own questions.  Write down one or two questions per verse.  Or try to give a question for each question type, although not all verses will have all question types.
  • It really doesn’t matter how you memorize; what matters is that you love doing it.  So, figure out what motivates you to memorize God’s Word and the technical aspects will follow.
Finding a spot without distractions helps.
Finding a spot without distractions helps.

**  Psalm 19 and thoughts from Charles Spurgeon’s Daily Treasures in the Psalms:

“The practical effect of the Word of God is to turn man to himself, to his God, and to holiness, and the turn or conversion is not outward alone; the soul is moved and renewed. The great means of the conversion of sinners is the Word of God. Try to reach a man’s depraved nature with philosophy and reasoning and it laughs your efforts to scorn, but the Word of God soon transforms. ….As a law or plan the Word of God converts, then as a testimony it instructs. It is not enough for us to be converts, we must continue to be disciples, and if we have felt the power of truth, we must go on to prove its certainty by experience…..There is no remedy for comfort like that which is poured from the bottle of Scripture.”

  Jon Bloom from Desiring God wrote a blog on 10 Reasons to Memorize Big Chunks of Scripture. His thoughts are relevant to today’s youth and adults alike. Check out Advice for Better Bible Memory by Jimmy Needham at Desiring God.  John Piper gives more to think about in this video in regard to why we should memorize God’s Word.  If My Words Abide in You 

Memorization Suggestions