Video and Photo Gallery

David Mathis of Crossway (ESV) published a new article on Tips for Bible Memory – complete with an exhortation to meditate and apply what we learn. Well worth investigating!  5 Tips for Bible Memorization

YouTube Channel: Central Canada Bible Quizzing

James Pyles Quizzer of Excellence 2020 Quizzer of Excellence 2020
CCD Internationals Talent Show 2019 CCD Internationals 2019 Video
CCD Internationals Talent Show 2018 Maliks’ You Raise Me Up (Photo credit: the Olbeters)
CCD Internationals 2018 Redeemer University College Redeemer 2018
CCD Internationals Talent Show 2018 The Incrediboys (Photo Credit: the Olbeters)
Crown College 2017: Internationals 2017 video
CCD Internationals Talent Show 2017: CCD Internationals Talent Show 2017

Jackson’s Point 2014:  Internationals CCD Talent Show
Muskoka Woods 2015:  CCD Quizzing Lip Sync BattleLip Sync Battle Proud MaryLip Sync Battle Shakers, and Glengate Stick to the Status Quo Lip Sync  
Internationals 2015 at Crown College
CCD Quizzing Promo
Internationals 2016 in Spokane

Video/Photo Credits:  Esther Chew, Mark Benoit, Bekah Thornborrow, Liz Mathews, Graham Reid, Gisselle Romero, Carleigh Lane, Dan Martin
CCD Team and Friends at Redeemer 2018
Way to Go CCD! Redeemer International Bible Quizzing 2018 Champions! Congrats also to Andrew Dai, Quizzer of Excellence! PC Esther Chew


Video by Life Church: New Quizzing Team 2017