Quizzing Ministry

quizpic     Bible Quizzing is an exciting mental and physical sport, testing recall ability, jumping speed, and strategy. Youth from grades 7 to 12 are placed in teams of four or five quizzers with a coach.  Although competition outwardly drives the tournaments, it is merely a means for motivating our youth to internalize God’s Word.

     From there, through the tool of Bible memorization, the Holy Spirit can make the Word come alive to help quizzers recognize the lies of the world and stand strong in their faith in Christ.  Quizzing aims to inspire teens to openly follow the Lord in a closer way through the study of the Bible.

     Transformation, not Information, is the goal, but when the Holy Spirit is part of the equation, He will bring about a transformation in quizzers’ hearts through the focus on Scripture.

 Logo CCD quizzingOur prayer is that this Quizzing ministry will:

  • Produce a lasting spiritual impact in the hearts of quizzers, emphasizing Christ-likeness

  • Teach reliance on the Lord

  • Develop a love and respect for the Bible

  • Help in the application of Scriptural principles by giving a Biblical perspective on life

  • Teach sportsmanship – the proper way to win and the gracious way to lose

  • Teach Christian unity through teamwork

  • Teach how to study and memorize Scripture and how to memorize in general

  • Help quizzers overcome fear and nervousness

Psalm 19 and thoughts from Charles Spurgeon’s Daily Treasures in the Psalms:

“The practical effect of the Word of God is to turn man to himself, to his God, and to holiness, and the turn or conversion is not outward alone; the soul is moved and renewed. The great means of the conversion of sinners is the Word of God. Try to reach a man’s depraved nature with philosophy and reasoning and it laughs your efforts to scorn, but the Word of God soon transforms. ….As a law or plan the Word of God converts, then as a testimony it instructs. It is not enough for us to be converts, we must continue to be disciples, and if we have felt the power of truth, we must go on to prove its certainty by experience…..There is no remedy for comfort like that which is poured from the bottle of Scripture.”

Central Canada Bible Quizzing is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance Bible Quizzing League.  CCD Quizzing comes under the authority of the Central Canadian District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Our district covers Southwestern Ontario. We hold 4 tournaments per year: November in either London, ON or Chatham, ON, January and March in Mississauga, ON, and May at Muskoka Woods Sports Resort. Click Churches for quizzing church locations in the Central Canadian District. Version  used  is  NIV2011.Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada

     David Mathis of Crossway (ESV) published a new article on Tips for Bible Memory – complete with exhortation to meditate and apply what we learn. 5 Tips for Bible Memorization   Jon Bloom from Desiring God wrote a blog on 10 Reasons to Memorize Big Chunks of Scripture. His thoughts are relevant to today’s youth and adults alike. Check out Advice for Better Bible Memory by Jimmy Needham at Desiring God.  John Piper gives more to think about in this video in regard to why we should memorize God’s Word.  If My Words Abide in You 

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